• Are we all looking forward to 2022?

    It is time to be more positive about the future. So, start filling in those little boxes on the calendars and the pages of diaries for you are sure to be leaving more to posterity than you realise. Memories of these times are important and a 2022 calendar and/or diary are an ideal way of preserving them.
  • Mothers Day 2021 - 9th May

    After the past year everyone is looking forward to a more normal Mother’s Day in 2021. How will you celebrate with mum this year?   Mother's Day 20...
  • Disney - an icon in entertainment

    I am amazed at how popular anything Disney is but I should not be. All of we "oldies" grew up with Disney watching The Wonderful World of Disney on...
  • Acknowledging the bravery and commitment of indigenous Australians

    From the Boer War, Gallipoli, The Western Front, Tobruk and Kokoda to Korea, Vietman and Afghanistan, the strength of indigenous service has been a constant throughout Australian History.
  • Is this year already going too fast?

    Well, 2022 calendars are already on order and expected to start arriving in July. Financial year diaries are now in stock
  • They've been one of the hottest kid products for years now ...................

    What product is that? Well Beanie Boos of course. Why are they so popular?             Well maybe its those adorable big Beanie Boo eyes or perhaps...
  • STEM - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

    Stem product are extremely popular at the moment. brenita is a proud stockist of Ugear STEM products that challenge the mind of young and old alike...
  • AC/DC

    Well, haven't AC/DC made a revival of late