Are we all looking forward to 2022?

Our first 2022 calendars from Brown Trout have just arrived and they look great. This has set me to thinking of next year. Hopefully the 2022 calendar year will start with us in a much more positive situation than the previous couple of years. The sparse use of our 2021 calendars has highlighted a turbulent a challenging year but we should be in a different set of circumstances by the time we start using our 2022 calendars. Hopefully, if enough people are vaccinated, lockdowns should become less frequent and less severe. Visiting friends and going out should be possible more often and life head closer to normal. I look forward to marking on my 2022 calendar those important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and simply getting together with friends. A calendar would make a thoughtful gift for friends and relatives so that they can do the same and spread some much needed optimism. Kids can fill in school outings, holidays, classmates' birthdays, exams (yes, they will probably even look forward to these as a sign of returning normality.  

For those wanting more detailed plans and records, a diary (the big brother of a calendar) will fit the bill. As well as an efficient way of organising your days and appointments, a quality diary becomes a keepsake as a journal of activities, achievements, successes and challenges. How often do you hear someone say that they wish so and so had written down their life story? Well this is the way to capture the important events that shape our lives and share them with family and future generations.  

The start of this decade certainly warrants some record keeping of a historical period that we will surely appreciate with the passage of time and the current generation of children will appreciate looking back at this time and how they and their parents, family and friends managed through adversity. 

So, start filling in those little boxes on the calendar and the pages of diaries for you are sure to be leaving more to posterity than you realise. As we live through the hopefully final stages of a pandemic, a record of where we’ve been and how we came out of it is a valuable legacy to future generations. 

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