Mothers Day 2021 - 9th May

After the past year everyone is looking forward to a more normal Mother’s Day in 2021. How will you celebrate with mum this year?  

Mother's Day 2021 is an ideal opportunity to gather the family together whether at home, maybe in a park (weather permitting) or supporting a small business such as a local restaurant, pub or other venue. Personally, a small country pub with an open fire and good quality comfort food provides the ideal atmosphere for a warm and relaxing Mother’s Day meal.  

Mothers, grandmothers and great grans deserve to be pampered all year round but Mother’s Day provides the opportunity for the whole family to show their appreciation together. A card and a small, thoughtful gift along with your company are often greatly appreciated.  

Especially where separation by distance makes regular visits difficult, this becomes a day to commit to giving each other quality, face to face time. If COVID has taught us anything it is that these opportunities are precious and not to be missed.   

From days we were too young to even remember, to being taken to kindergarten, walked to school, lunches made and packed, helped with reading and homework, taken to and encouraged at sporting events, the care given when not feeling so well and countless other acts of kindness that mothers bestow upon their children, our mothers have helped shape who we are today. 

For many, myself included, Mother’s Day is a time for remembering the love and attention of a mother no longer with us. A mother who guided our development and wanted the best for us.  

Thank you mum. 

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