Acknowledging the bravery and commitment of indigenous Australians

We have much to be thankful for in this country, not the least of which is the culture and contribution made by the indigenous population that pre dates all other civilizations. From the early days of European settlement to current times, the indigenous people of this country have been an important part of the development of and our understanding of this nation. Their input into our country is well exemplified in their service to the defense forces of the country. From the Boer War, Gallipoli, The Western Front, Tobruk and Kokoda to Korea, Vietman and Afghanistan, the strength of indigenous service has been a constant throughout Australian History.

This 2021 $2 'C' mintmark coloured uncirculated coin commemorates all indigenous personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of country as ell as those who served and continue to serve with honour today.