Summer activities In Australia

Summer activities In Australia

How do you spend your summer in Australia? 

With the Australian summer starting in December, we get to start it by having a different Christmas season to most of the world. No snow and cold weather for us (well usually anyway) while we celebrate Christmas and once that's past, we tend to make the most of being outdoors. 

Most of the Australian population lives along our long coastlines giving us our bronzed Aussie, beach loving reputation. A variety water sports are enjoyed by a large portion of the population. Swimming, water skiing, surfing, boating, fishing, diving and other water activities are participated in throughout the year but particularly over summer. 

Other summer activities revolve around sports such as cricket, soccer, tennis, beach volleyball, hiking, cycling, and a myriad of other sports.  

The summer weather in Australia also provides great conditions for open air cinemas, concerts, fetes and festivals, winery tours, food festivals and cultural events held in various cities and regions. These events also make regional Australia a popular holiday destination whether staying in a motel, caravanning, camping or staying with friends.  

Relaxation is the key to enjoying summer and can be done while away or at home where gardening, entertaining, reading a book or just taking a leisurely stroll prove to be good for the mind and the soul. 

Whatever your preferred past time over summer, keep safe, enjoy and make the most of our wonderful country. 

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