Tracking Time and Life

With 2024 just about upon us, we at newsXpress Sunbury / brenita are busy with the years end and planning for next year. Some of the hottest product ranges we have at this time are for making that easier. 

Calendars are a great way to make notes of what's coming up and some even have pockets for storing upcoming bills and reminders for appointments. As well as being useful planners for the family, calendars are beautiful and can reflect your interests whether that be travel, automobiles, art, Australiana, assorted animals or one of our most popular ranges being dog breeds. Calendars also make an excellent gift at this time of year (make sure you highlight your birthday on it when giving to someone ) and can be so appreciated when they relate to a strong interest of the lucky recipient.

Diaries for the busier person or someone who likes to keep a record of events both planned and past during the year, can be selected according to their attractiveness, quality and usefulness. They make a good gifts and are a great way of keeping a journal of a life well lived as they accumulate over the years. Diaries are also a very personal item and users often have strong preferences of the design and layout of their diaries.

At newsXpress Sunbury, both instore and online at, we have a large variety of calendars and diaries sure to meet your needs.

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